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Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2024
Subsequent Events  
Subsequent Events

14. Subsequent Events

Kinnate Acquisition

On February 16, 2024, the Company entered into an Agreement and Plan of Merger with Kinnate and XRA, a Delaware corporation and a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company, pursuant to which the Company acquired Kinnate through a tender offer for (i) $2.5879 in cash per share of Kinnate common stock, plus (ii) one non-transferable contractual contingent value right (“CVR”) per share of Kinnate common stock. The merger closed on April 3, 2024 (the “Merger Closing Date”), and XRA merged with and into Kinnate. Following the merger, Kinnate continued as the surviving corporation in the merger and a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.

Each Kinnate CVR represents the right to receive potential payments pursuant to the terms and subject to the conditions of the Contingent Value Rights Agreement, dated April 3, 2024 (the “CVR Agreement”), by and among the Company, XRA, a right agent and a representative of the CVR holders. On February 27, 2024, Kinnate sold exarafenib and related IP to Pierre Fabre Medicament, SAS for an upfront cash consideration of $0.5 million and contingent consideration of $30.5 million upon the achievement of certain specified milestones. Kinnate CVR holders will be entitled to 100% of any further net proceeds from this transaction, if any, until the fifth anniversary of the Merger Closing Date, together with 85% of net proceeds, if any, from any license or other disposition of any or all rights to any product, product candidate or research program active at Kinnate as of the closing that occurs within one year of the Merger Closing Date, in each case subject to and in accordance with the terms of the CVR Agreement.

FDA Approval of OJEMDA

On April 23, 2024, Day One announced that the FDA granted approval to Day One’s NDA for OJEMDA (tovorafenib). Pursuant to the Viracta RPA, the Company earned a $9.0 million milestone payment upon FDA approval and is also eligible to receive mid-single-digit royalties on sales of OJEMDA.

Daré Royalty Purchase Agreements

On April 29, 2024, the Company entered into the Daré RPAs. Pursuant to the terms of the Daré RPAs, the Company paid $22.0 million in cash to Daré in consideration for the sale of (a) 100% of all remaining royalties related to XACIATO™ not already subject to the royalty-backed financing agreement Daré entered into in December 2023 and net of payments owed by Daré to upstream licensors, which equates to royalties ranging from low to high single digits, and of all potential commercial milestones related to XACIATO™ that are payable to Daré under that certain Exclusive License Agreement by and between Daré and Organon, dated March 31, 2022, as amended; (b) a 4% synthetic royalty on net sales of OVAPRENE® and a 2% synthetic royalty on net sales of Sildenafil Cream, 3.6%, which will decrease to 2.5% and 1.25%, respectively, upon the Company achieving a pre-specified return threshold; and (c) a portion of Daré’s right to a certain milestone payment that may become payable to Daré under that certain License Agreement between Daré and Bayer HealthCare LLC, dated January 10, 2020. The Daré RPAs also provide for certain milestone payments from the Company to Daré upon achieving a pre-specified return threshold, subject to the terms of the Daré RPAs.

Rezolute Milestone

In April 2024, Rezolute dosed the first patient in its Phase 3 trial of RZ358 and the Company earned a $5.0 million milestone pursuant to our Rezolute License Agreement.