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Long-Term Debt and Other Financings

Long-Term Debt and Other Financings
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2012
Long-Term Debt and Other Financings [Abstract]  
Long-Term Debt and Other Financings
Long-Term Debt and Other Financings

Long-Term Debt

Novartis Note

In May 2005, the Company executed a secured note agreement with Novartis (then Chiron Corporation), which is due and payable in full in June 2015. Under this note agreement, the Company borrowed semi-annually to fund up to 75% of the Company's research and development and commercialization costs under its collaboration arrangement with Novartis, not to exceed $50 million in aggregate principal amount. Interest on the principal amount of the loan accrues at six-month LIBOR plus 2%, which was equal to 2.80% at March 31, 2012, and is payable semi-annually in June and December of each year. At the Company's election, the semi-annual interest payments can be added to the outstanding principal amount, in lieu of a cash payment, as long as the aggregate principal amount does not exceed $50 million. The Company has made this election for all interest payments thus far. Loans under the note agreement are secured by the Company's interest in the collaboration with Novartis, including any payments owed to it thereunder.
At March 31, 2012 and December 31, 2011, the outstanding principal balance under this note agreement was $14.0 million. Pursuant to the terms of the arrangement as restructured in November 2008, the Company will not make any additional borrowings under the Novartis note. Due to the structure of the secured note agreement with Novartis and since there is no liquid market for this obligation, there is no practical method to estimate fair value of this long-term debt.

Servier Loan

In December 2010, in connection with the license and collaboration agreement entered into with Servier, the Company executed a loan agreement with Servier, which provided for an advance of up to €15 million. The loan was fully funded in January 2011, with the proceeds converting to approximately $19.5 million. The loan is secured by an interest in XOMA's intellectual property rights to all gevokizumab indications worldwide, excluding certain rights in the U.S. and Japan. Interest is calculated at a floating rate based on a Euro Inter-Bank Offered Rate ("EURIBOR") and subject to a cap. The interest rate for the initial interest period was 3.22%. The interest rate has been reset to 3.83% for the six-month period from July 2011 through January 2012 and 3.54% for the six-month period from January 2012 through July 2012. Interest is payable semi-annually; however, the loan agreement provides for a deferral of interest payments over a period specified in the agreement. During the deferral period, accrued interest will be added to the outstanding principal amount for the purpose of interest calculation for the next six-month interest period. On the repayment commencement date, all unpaid and accrued interest shall be paid to Servier and thereafter, all accrued and unpaid interest shall be due and payable at the end of each six-month period. The loan matures in 2016; however, after a specified period prior to final maturity, the loan is to be repaid (i) at Servier's option, by applying up to a significant percentage of any milestone or royalty payments owed by Servier under the Company's collaboration agreement and (ii) using a significant percentage of any upfront, milestone or royalty payments the Company receives from any third party collaboration or development partner for rights to gevokizumab in the U.S. and/or Japan.  In addition, the loan becomes immediately due and payable upon certain customary events of default. At March 31, 2012 and December 31, 2011, the outstanding principal balance under this loan was $20.0 million and $19.4 million, respectively, using the Euro to US Dollar ("USD") exchange rate at each such date. For the three months ended March 31, 2012 and 2011, the Company recorded unrealized foreign exchange losses of $0.6 million and $1.6 million, respectively, related to the re-measurement of the loan.

The loan has a stated interest rate lower than the market rate based on comparable loans held by similar companies, which represents additional value to the Company. The Company recorded this additional value as a discount to the face value of the loan amount, at its fair value of $8.9 million. The fair value of this discount, which was determined using a discounted cash flow model, represents the differential between the stated terms and rates of the loan, and market rates. Based on the association of the loan with the collaboration arrangement, the Company recorded the offset to this discount as deferred revenue.
The loan discount is amortized under the effective interest method over the expected five-year life of the loan.  The Company recorded non-cash interest expense of $0.3 million in the three months ended March 31, 2012 and 2011, resulting from the amortization of the loan discount. At March 31, 2012 and December 31, 2011, the net carrying value of the loan was $13.2 million and $12.5 million, respectively. For the three months ended March 31, 2012, the Company recorded an unrealized foreign exchange loss of $0.2 million related to the re-measurement of the loan discount as of March 31, 2012.

The Company believes that realization of the benefit and the associated deferred revenue is contingent on the loan remaining outstanding over the five-year contractual term of the loan. If the Company were to stop providing service under the collaboration arrangement and the arrangement is terminated, the maturity date of the loan would be accelerated and a portion of measured benefit would not be realized. As the realization of the benefit is contingent, in part, on the provision of future services, the Company is recognizing the deferred revenue over the expected five-year life of the loan. The deferred revenue is amortized under the effective interest method, and the Company recorded $0.3 million of related non-cash revenue during both the three months ended March 31, 2012 and 2011.

General Electric Capital Corporation Term Loan

In December 2011, the Company entered into a loan agreement (the "Loan Agreement") with General Electric Capital Corporation ("GECC"), under which GECC agreed to make a term loan in an aggregate principal amount of $10 million (the "Term Loan") to XOMA (US) LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company, and upon execution of the Loan Agreement, GECC funded the Term Loan. The Term Loan is guaranteed by the Company and its two other principal subsidiaries, XOMA Ireland Limited and XOMA Technology Ltd.  As security for their obligations under the Loan Agreement, the Company, XOMA (US) LLC, XOMA Ireland Limited and XOMA Technology Ltd. each granted a security interest pursuant to a guaranty, pledge and security agreement in substantially all of their existing and after-acquired assets, excluding their intellectual property assets (such as those relating to the Company's gevokizumab and anti-botulism products). The Company incurred debt issuance costs of approximately $1.3 million in connection with the Term Loan and will make an additional payment equal to 5% of the Term Loan (the "Final Payment Fee") on the maturity date, or such earlier date as the Term Loan is paid in full. The debt issuance costs and Final Payment Fee are being amortized and accreted, respectively, to interest expense over the term of the Term Loan using the effective interest method.
The Term Loan accrues interest at a fixed rate of 11.71% per annum. We are required to repay the principal amount of the Term Loan over a period of 42 consecutive equal monthly installments of principal and accrued interest, commencing on January 4, 2012, and thereafter on the first calendar day of each succeeding month.  The Term Loan matures and is due and payable in full on June 30, 2015.

The Loan Agreement contains customary representations and warranties and customary affirmative and negative covenants, including restrictions on the ability to incur indebtedness, grant liens, make investments, dispose of assets, enter into transactions with affiliates and amend existing material agreements, in each case subject to various exceptions.  In addition, the Loan Agreement contains customary events of default that entitle GECC to cause any or all of the indebtedness under the Loan Agreement to become immediately due and payable. The events of default include any event of default under a material agreement or certain other indebtedness. Upon an event of default, the Term Loan and other obligations under the Loan Agreement will, at the election of GECC, bear interest from and after the occurrence and during the continuation of an event of default at a rate equal to the lesser of 5.0% above the stated rate of interest or the maximum rate allowed by law.

The Company may voluntarily prepay the Term Loan in full, but not in part, and any voluntary and certain mandatory prepayments are subject to a prepayment premium of 3% in the first year of the loan, 2% in the second year and 1% thereafter, although mandatory prepayments in connection with entering into certain exclusive licenses, granting certain negative pledges or incurring certain collaboration-related indebtedness will not be subject to such prepayment premium.  The Company will also be required to pay the Final Payment Fee in connection with any voluntary or mandatory prepayment. At March 31, 2012 and December 31, 2011, the outstanding principal balance under the Loan Agreement was $9.3 million and $10.0 million respectively.

In December 2011, pursuant to the loan agreement, the Company issued to GECC unregistered stock purchase warrants, which entitle GECC to purchase up to an aggregate of 263,158 unregistered shares of XOMA common stock at an exercise price equal to $1.14 per share. These warrants are immediately exercisable and will expire on December 30, 2016. The Company allocated the aggregate proceeds of the GECC Term Loan between the warrants and the debt obligation based on their relative fair values.  The fair value of the warrants issued to GECC was determined using the Black-Scholes Model. The warrants fair value of $0.2 million is recorded as a discount to the debt obligation and is being amortized over the term of the loan using the effective interest method. If the maturity of the debt is accelerated in connection with any voluntary or mandatory prepayment, then the remaining discount amortization would be recognized immediately.

Interest Expense

Interest expense for the Servier loan, GECC loan and Novartis note are shown below (in thousands):

Three Months Ended March 31,
Interest expense
Servier loan
  $ 516     $ 442  
GECC term loan
    417       -  
Novartis note
    99       84  
    10       6  
Total interest expense
  $ 1,042     $ 532  
Other Financings

ATM Agreement

On February 4, 2011, the Company entered into an At Market Issuance Sales Agreement (the "2011 ATM Agreement"), with McNicoll, Lewis & Vlak LLC (now known as MLV & Co. LLC, "MLV"), under which it may sell shares of its common stock from time to time through the MLV, as the agent for the offer and sale of the shares, in an aggregate amount not to exceed the amount that can be sold under the Company's registration statement on Form S-3 (File No. 333-172197) filed with the SEC on February 11, 2011 and amended on March 10, 2011, June 3, 2011 and January 3, 2012, which was most recently declared effective by the SEC on January 17, 2012. MLV may sell the shares by any method permitted by law deemed to be an "at the market" offering as defined in Rule 415 of the Securities Act, including without limitation sales made directly on The NASDAQ Global Market, on any other existing trading market for the Company's common stock or to or through a market maker. MLV may also sell the shares in privately negotiated transactions, subject to the Company's prior approval. From the inception of the 2011 ATM Agreement through March 31, 2012, the Company sold a total of 7,572,327 shares of common stock under this agreement for aggregate gross proceeds of $14.6 million, including 2,285,375 shares of common stock sold in the first quarter of 2012 for aggregate gross proceeds of $3.3 million. Total offering expenses incurred related to sales under the 2011 ATM Agreement from inception to March 31, 2012, were $0.4 million, including $0.1 million incurred in the first quarter of 2012.
Underwritten Offering and Amendment to Shareholder Rights Plan

On March 9, 2012, the Company completed an underwritten public offering of 29,669,154 shares of its common stock, and accompanying warrants to purchase one half of a share of common stock for each share purchased, at a public offering price of $1.32 per share. Total gross proceeds from the offering were approximately $39.2 million, before deducting underwriting discounts and commissions and estimated offering expenses totaling approximately $2.9 million. The warrants, which represent the right to acquire an aggregate of up to 14,834,577 shares of common stock, are immediately exercisable and have a five-year term and an exercise price of $1.76 per share.

The Company has amended its shareholder rights agreement to provide that it will not apply to any person or entity who becomes the beneficial owner of 20% or more but less than 40% of its outstanding common stock with the prior approval of its board of directors, and its board has approved purchasers in the March 2012 public offering becoming beneficial owners of 20% or more but less than 40% of its outstanding common stock as a result of their participation in the offering.  As a result, such ownership by any such purchaser will not trigger the provisions of the rights agreement that would give each holder of the rights the right to receive upon exercise that number of common stock equivalents having a market value of two times the exercise price.  The board's approval in this regard only applies to purchasers in such offering.