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Streamlining and Restructuring Charges

Streamlining and Restructuring Charges
6 Months Ended
Jun. 30, 2013
Streamlining and Restructuring Charges [Abstract]  
Streamlining and Restructuring Charges
5.  Streamlining and Restructuring Charges

In January 2012, the Company implemented a streamlining of operations, which resulted in a restructuring plan designed to sharpen its focus on value-creating opportunities led by gevokizumab and its unique antibody discovery and development capabilities. The restructuring plan included a reduction of XOMA’s personnel by 84 positions, or 34%, of which 52 were eliminated immediately and the remainder eliminated as of April 6, 2012. These staff reductions resulted primarily from the Company’s decisions to utilize a contract manufacturing organization for Phase 3 and commercial antibody production, and to eliminate internal research functions that are non-differentiating or that can be obtained cost effectively by contract service providers.

In connection with the streamlining of operations, the Company incurred restructuring charges in the first half of 2012 of $2.1 million related to severance, other termination benefits and outplacement services, $2.1 million related to the impairment and accelerated depreciation of various assets and leasehold improvements, and $0.3 million related to moving and other facility costs. The Company does not expect to incur additional significant restructuring charges during 2013 related to these streamlining activities.