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Subsequent Events

Subsequent Events
3 Months Ended
Mar. 31, 2018
Subsequent Events [Abstract]  
Subsequent Events


14. Subsequent Events


On April 2, 2018, Rezolute completed a closing on a convertible note financing for gross proceeds of $4.0 million, which triggered the Initial Closing defined under the amended common stock purchase agreement between the Company and Rezolute (see Note 4). As such, pursuant to the terms of the amended common stock purchase agreement with Rezolute, the Company received 8,023,758 shares of Rezolute’s common stock and cash of $0.5 million. In addition, in April 2018, the Company received from Rezolute the 69,252 shares of common stock and cash of $50,000 in connection with the Interim Financing Closing that occurred during the three months ended March 31, 2018 (see Note 4).


On April 14, 2018, the Company entered into a non-cancellable sublease agreement for a portion of one of its three leased facilities. The term of the sublease agreement commenced on May 1, 2018. Under the term of the sublease agreement, the Company will receive $1.1 million over the term of the sublease, which ends at the same time as the original lease in April 2023. In addition, the sublease provides for a tenant improvement allowance of $65,000 to the subtenant.

Silicon Valley Bank Loan Agreement

On May 7, 2018 (the “Effective Date”), the Company executed a Loan and Security Agreement (the “Loan Agreement”) with Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”). Under the Loan Agreement, upon the Company’s request, SVB may make advances (each, a “Term Loan Advance”) available to the Company up to $20.0 million (the “Term Loan”), subject to additional funding at the bank’s discretion. The Company may borrow advances under the Term Loan from the Effective Date until the earlier of March 31, 2019 (which will be extended to March 31, 2020, if the Company receives $20.0 million in gross cash proceeds from milestone/licensing payments by March 31, 2019) or an event of default (the “Draw Period”). The interest rate will be calculated at a rate equal to the greater of (i) 4.75%, and (ii) 0.25% plus the prime rate as reported from time to time in The Wall Street Journal.

Payments under the Loan Agreement are interest only until the first anniversary of the funding date of each Term Loan Advance. The interest-only period will be followed by equal monthly payments of principal and interest over 24 months. Each Term Loan Advance will mature at the earlier of (i) the 23 months following the applicable term loan amortization date for each such Term Loan Advance (ii) March 1, 2023, or (iii) 30 days prior to the earliest maturity of any portion of the Company’s loan with Novartis (the “Loan Maturity Date”). After repayment, no Term Loan Advance (or any portion thereof) may be reborrowed.

The entire principal balance, including a final payment equal to 8.5% of the principal, will be due and payable on the Loan Maturity Date. If the Company prepays the Term Loan Advance prior to the Loan Maturity Date, it will pay SVB a prepayment premium, based on a prepayment fee equal to 3.00% of the amount prepaid, if the prepayment occurs on or before the first anniversary of the Effective Date, 2.00% of the amount prepaid, if the prepayment occurs after the first anniversary of the Effective Date but prior to the second anniversary of the Effective Date, and 1.00% of the amount prepaid if the prepayment occurs after the second anniversary of the Effective Date. Upon the occurrence of an event of default, a default interest rate of an additional 4% may be applied to the outstanding payments due to SVB, and SVB may declare all outstanding obligations immediately due and payable and take such other actions as set forth in the Loan Agreement.

Under the Loan Agreement, the Company may be obligated to pay a fee equal to 1% of the unused portion of the Term Loan upon the earlier of (i) the termination of the Loan Agreement, or (ii) the Draw Period.  

The Company’s obligations under the Loan Agreement are secured by a security interest in substantially all of its assets, other than its intellectual property. The Loan Agreement includes customary affirmative and restrictive covenants, but does not include any financial maintenance covenants, and also includes standard events of default, including payment defaults.

In connection with the Loan Agreement, the Company issued a warrant to SVB which is exercisable in whole or in part for up to an aggregate of 6,332 shares of common stock with an exercise price of $23.69 per share (the “Warrant”). The Warrant may be exercised on a cashless basis and is exercisable for a term beginning on the date of issuance and ending on the earlier to occur of 10 years from the date of issuance or the consummation of certain acquisitions of the Company as set forth in the Warrant. The number of shares for which the Warrant is exercisable and the associated exercise price are subject to certain proportional adjustments as set forth in the Warrant.