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We Are a Biotech Royalty Aggregator With 70-Plus Assets and Growing

XOMA plays a unique role in helping biotech companies achieve their goal of improving human health. We do this by acquiring the economic rights to future milestone and royalty payments associated with partnered pre-commercial clinical candidates. In return the seller receives non-dilutive, non-recourse funding to advance their internal drug candidate(s).

Investor Relations

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For Fiscal Year Ending Dec 31, 2023

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Company Overview

XOMA has built a significant portfolio of products that are licensed to and being developed by other biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.  The Company’s portfolio of partner-funded programs spans multiple stages of the drug development process and across various therapeutic areas.  Many of these licenses are the result of XOMA’s pioneering efforts in the discovery and development of antibody therapeutics.  The Company’s royalty-aggregator business model includes acquiring additional licenses to programs with third-party funding.

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Our Two-part Royalty-aggregator Business Model

Our royalty-aggregator strategic approach allows us to focus on advancing our portfolio assets through investments made by our licensees. Our licensees have assumed the responsibility for subsequent development, regulatory approval, and commercialization. As licensees advance these programs, we are eligible to receive future milestone and royalty payments.

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The first component of our business strategy includes advancing our current portfolio of fully funded programs through investments made by our licensees. Our diversified pipeline was built by out-licensing our technology platform and our drug candidate products to licensees or collaborator partners who assumed the responsibilities of later stage development, regulatory approval and commercialization. Since our partners pay the development, and commercialization costs, we, therefore, refer to these programs as “fully funded.”

The second component of our strategy involves acquiring milestone and royalty licenses to high-potential, fully funded assets from companies, universities, or individuals who seek to monetize the value of their licenses. We believe that by expanding our pipeline through these acquisitions, we can further diversify our pipeline across multiple therapeutic areas and development stages. Our ideal target acquisitions are those that are in pre-commercial stages of development, have an expected long duration of market exclusivity, have high revenue potential, and are partnered with a large pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical enterprise.

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